Full Board Meeting Agenda – 2:15 January 8th 2011

- Welcome to new members Communications Working Group Leader and Education Working Group Leader
- New slate of officers – Thanks!
- 2011 schedule of meetings and action - Leah will bring printed copies of the working group tasks from the SPRA grant for discussion and planning
- President’s Report - Review
SOEEA Five Year Strategic Plan
  1. Support educators to practice outdoor and environmental education.
  2. Encourage outdoor recreation, exploration of Saskatchewan, development of outdoor and environmental skills and practices, and the development of a sense of place.
  3. Actively connect diverse members and support environmental decision making encouraging ecological responsibility.
  4. Be a happy and healthy organization (leadership, communication, partnerships, networks, members, and membership benefits).
Five Year Foci (2009 – 2014)
  1. Build membership (communicate, member benefits, opportunities to participate, certification, SOEEA “Champions”) and Board succession (establish and implement a year long process supporting members to consider taking on a board position, welcome interested members to an information session (July), shadow current board members, Have a suitable and thorough Board induction process)
  2. Working Group action (develop the process of the working group and ensure they are effective in operation)
  3. Communications (Evaluate all communication tools {Envisage, website, display, merchandise, membership brochure, writing articles for publication in other venues} including internal communications (with members and Board members), articulate corporate memory.
  4. SOEEA will fill a niche in Saskatchewan in delivering and facilitating training in outdoor and environmental education. Delivery focuses on Flying WILD, Canoeing Accreditation, Leave No Trace.

Schedule for next 4 months from board handbook...


• Strategic Planning (set timeline for annual grant expenditure)
• New Board Member Induction (Past President) - need expense vouchers, handbook, board contact info, grant, list of responsiblities
• SPRA Final Report due (include auditors report, AGM minutes, and final report)
• Saskatchewan Science Fairs (11 regions @$50 each ($550) and 2 certificates each region) Are we still going to do this?
• Renew NAAEE membership (update Affiliates contact information)
• Renew EECOM membership (update Associates information)
• Renew SEN membership
• Set conference attendance and remuneration for the year (PD Grant)
Melanson Award


• SPRA AGM (Program Director and Vice President)
- Dennie to attend Flying Wild conference in McAllen Texas (SOEEA to send silent auction items)


• Winter Camp?
$upport Grants due
• Envisage


• Earth Day

- Treasurer’s Report
- Executive Assistant Report - I absolutely need any outstanding expenses from 2010 now!, update contact information for Board
- Reports from Working Groups
Other business
  • Update and outstanding actions from Board Retreat - review minutes (some may have already been covered above)
  • EECOM 2011 update
  • Flying Wild & Project Wet discussion (Jo/Lizabeth to report on signing contracts)
    • Flying WILD questions - who should write final report? Who should be the direct contact for/with Lizabeth? Who/where should we keep books & workshop evals?
    • How should we go about ordering books? (shipping and brokerage fees have become expensive) and where should we send them?
    • MOU - review number of educators we committed to train per year and the budget for that - * THIS IS JUST A GOAL! * confirmed by email from Flisa Jan.6th. (Jo)
    • Lizabeth's report - Training programs in the works, curriculum updates and possible glitch with Science 6-9? (CWF owns it)
  • Leave No Trace Canoe Trip? and stuff from Leah's package
  • Canoe Training Sessions
  • NAAEE 2011 - October 11-16, 2011 - Raleigh, NC
  • Winter Camping? - need a committee to plan - we need dates
  • Code for storage unit lock & sign-in/-out procedure
    • Should Lizabeth have the code to access Flying WILD kits and books for workshops and lend them out to facilitators?
    • Leah has code and combination
    • Modular Storage Systems
      100 Dewdney Ave
      Unit 298

  • Melanson
  • Set dates for board meetings

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