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What role has SOEEA filled over the past 40 years?

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68 - 1st provincial out door conference
72 - Fred Heale (SK Enviro), Jack McKenzie, John Schaller (UofR)
- focus was on outdoor pursuit - orienteering, camping, canoeing, Cross country sking was taking off, showshoeing
- this moved into some focus on survival, then into area's of art & music
'73 - First Newsletter - Barry has a copy
- Not much $$$ in beginning, some grants but all was done by committed group of volunteers
'74 - Published "Out To Learn" ministry document - re-published in 80's? (need verification here) - Workshops came with resource but were never done - Barry thinks this should be resurrected as it a major document at the time.
75 - 1st National Conference - This was big - 400-500 delegates - Out in Fort San in the Fall - Beautiful 4 days, sunny & warm - Some sessions may have been recorded?

- Bernie Melanson passed away in the January before the conference. Very tough year
- After Conference SOEEA dissolved until 1977

78 - Name change from SOEA to SOEEA - to include environmental aspect and focus on sustainability
- 1st year of Melanson Award - Jack McKenzie was 1st recipient
80 - Winter Conference _ Prince Albert National Park - Ekistics with Dr. Phyllis Ford
81 - Cypress Hills Workshops
82 - Candle Lake Workshop with Barry Mitschke as workshop Director
84 - Saskatoon conference
85 - 'Networking for the Environment" - Many organizations attendedLumsden Conference - Barry Organized
86 - 'Bridging The Seasons' - Candle Lake Camp - Keynote: Dr. John Marsh Trent University
88 - Conference - Focus on Water - Barry recognized the importance on focusing on this.
89 - Judy Benson takes over Envisage
90 - Environment Day Conference at Chitek Lake
91- Earth Matters - Fort Qu'appelle
92 - Forests - Out to Learn - Prince Albert Nat'l park - May
95 - Lumsden Reunion
98- Eco Tour Battle River
2000 - Hershal EcoTour
02 Big Muddy Eco-tour

Future of SOEEA
according to Barry - Need to continue building connections & Partnerships, support each other, come together in community of activism to pursue sustainability goals. We will be able to sustain ourselves and our efforts through our connections with one another.

Things to ask about...

1969 inaugaration?
Year of Jack's 1st Winter Conference w/ Dr. Pruid
What ever happening to the Nicholle Flats Field Guide?
Archive of '75 conference
Research Papers & Publications & letters of reaction
- Mitschke, B.A. 1987 The status of Formal and Informal Outdoor/enviromental Education in Saskatchewan: 1986 A SOEEA Research paper

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