AGM Agenda - 4:00pm

The Brick House Bistro, Lumsden (235 James Street North)
Welcome, especially to Mick Rissling and Audrey
Regrets from Sara, Yvette, and Marcia Klein who is interested
- Karen available on her cell from 3-5:30 (550-9359) please don't give out her number - I'll delete it after.
AGM Minutes from May 2009 (accept and business) (? What does "business" mean?)

Executive Reports
1. Presidents Report, offer report on SOEEA's activities for 2009

Activities of 2009:
  • Canoe workshops - Saskatoon
  • Conference - Manitou Beach
  • Ecotour - Ness Creek
  • Wings Over Wascana - Regina
  • Flying Wild
  • 40th Birthday
  • Number of grants gave out
  • Special Initiatives

Sara's President's Report
After weeks of waiting it finally feels like winter has arrived. Though I know that not all of you look forward to winter I know that I appreciate the change in seasons and the chance to see and do new things, both outdoors and in. I apologize for not being with you at the AGM in person but here is my reflection on the year.

This year SOEEA has made a big change and shifted our year to match the calendar year and this means that our AGM will be occurring on December 5th (as you know). This change has meant some extra work this year but will make our overall accounting process easier in the long run.

SOEEA’s year has been a busy one even though our “year” has only lasted from May to December. As always we have supported many teachers and students to bring change to their schools and communities through our Environmental Action Project Grants and others were able to get outside and recreate thanks to our Outdoor Experience Grants. These programs are well received and recognized by teachers as a big help in incorporating environmental ed into their classrooms.

This summer SOEEA launched the Flying WILD program in Saskatchewan, the first Canadian group to partner with this education program about migratory birds. We had a blast during training and will continue to work hard to meet our goal of training 100 Saskatchewan educators annually at low cost workshops. SOEEA is a pioneer in bringing this program to Canada.

Also occurring over the summer was SOEEA’s Ecotour to Ness Creek and the Boreal Forest Learning Centre. The Ecotour is an anticipated annual event and after hearing all of the stories from Ness Creek this year certainly disappoint. The organizing committee did an excellent job putting together an interesting and varied program.

SOEEA worked hard this year to put on SOEEA’s “Keepers of the Prairies” Conference at Manitou Beach. The conference was well attended and was a great chance for environmental educators to connect, learn and recreate. At this conference special recognition was provided to Yvette Crane in the form of SOEEA’s Melanson Award. Yvette has put so much time and energy in to raising the profile of environmental education over her years as a SOEEA board member that this recognition is very deserved.

Shortly following the conference three SOEEA board members, Peta, Jo, and Karen, left for the NAAEE (North American Association for Environmental Education) conference in Portland, Oregon. As we celebrate SOEEA’s 40th year it continues to be important that SOEEA learns from and shares its experience with organizations working toward similar goals in environmental education in other areas. This spring (as a part of SOEEA’s 2008 year), SOEEA representatives also attended an EECOM leadership workshop in Winnipeg and the 5WEEC conference in Montreal. In the spirit of working with other organizations SOEEA is happy to have partnered with Green Teacher magazine for a special Christmas promotion.

This year we were happy to provide monetary support two programs as “Special Initiatives” under our SPRA grant. The Prairie Sky School in Regina, a newly established alternative school that strives to build students’ understanding of the importance of community, healthy lifestyle choices and responsibility for conserving the natural environment. This goal fits well for SOEEA and we look forward to continuing to support Prairie Sky School in any way that we can. Our second Special Initiative helped the Craik Sustainable Living Project build their Outdoor Education Resource Library. The SOEEA board actually had a chance to experience some of the materials at our May AGM at the Craik Ecocentre, the materials were interesting and engaging. We hope that many teachers, students, community members and visitors to the Craik area will be able to take advantage of these resources.

Though I have highlighted SOEEA’s major events there were other smaller events as well including Solar Oven workshops and representation at Ecofairs where SOEEA was featured with our new and excellent display and updated display materials. At many of our events we have taken the opportunity to celebrate SOEEA's 40 year milestone, which we believe to be an immense accomplishment.

There has also been a lot of “behind the scenes” work completed by the board this year that has allowed SOEEA to function smoothly. I would like to thank Peta and Tina for all of their time managing SOEEA’s financials and making sure we were well informed and up to date. Also this year I think that all board members took a larger role in helping to write SOEEA’s annual SPRA grant application. I think this allowed everyone, myself included, to learn more about this process and will make future years go more smoothly. Without this grant SOEEA would struggle to complete all of our valuable programs so this time and energy toward grant writing is essential.

As we look forward to the year ahead it promises to be another busy one for SOEEA, though I have never seen anything but. As I am stepping down from the board this year I would like to thank SOEEA’s board members, all of the wonderful things that SOEEA has accomplished this year are a result of your talents, skills, energy and time. Thank you for making my time on the board a fun and valuable experience. I have have learned a great deal and had some amazing opportunities to build my skills and share my enthusiasm for environmental education with wonderful people.

Thanks again,

2. Treasurers Report, offer Audited financial report
Submit next years budget for approval
Submit name for next years Audit
Review membership rates

3. Working Group Leader Reports
- Communication - Kyle

- Public and Families - Paul
After being postponed in 2008, the Ecotour to Ness Creek went ahead in 2009, and was reported to be an excellent experience. And although the sun did not cooperate, SOEEA facilitated a Solar Oven workshop at the First Nations Health and Science Camps that was thoroughly enjoyed. Hands-on, cooperative materials including the Earth Ball from the U of S and the Lycra Tube from the CSLP Resource Collection were available and utilized at the Keeper’s of the Prairies Conference in Watrous, with organized activities provided for children that were in attendance.
This group has submitted Envisage articles and is looking forward to posting content to the website in 2010.
Preliminary planning has begun for the 2010 Ecotour. Last Mountain Lake has been chosen as the site, with Lake Athabasca being considered for 2011. Dates and activities have not been formalized, but will be relying on the expertise of Karen and others. Opportunities exist for camping, canoeing, hiking, and maybe bird banding. Geocaching and winter camping are other activities to look forward to in 2010.

- Decision Makers - Jennifer
- add Jennifer's contacts to SPRA and other contact lists instead of Peta

- Education - Karen

- SOEEA Partners - Mark
We have been working slow and steady on the website. Dillon (our design guy) and I have been in contact several times and we are now on the final stages of the site. I am just waiting for his final draft and then we will have to approve the site and go live. I have talked to Sandy (our web hosting lady) and when everything is done as far as design and content wise she will give us access to our server FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and we will upload it ourselves to save some money. If we can’t get it to work she said it wouldn’t take much time but it is easy to do yourself. We are a little behind schedule with the site but it should be live within a few weeks.

I have formed an informal partnership with the Regina Public Outdoor Environmental Education department, but it seems very difficult to develop a formal partnership with the Regina Public School board. I have had a discussion with a coordinator at the board office and he thinks that the best way to go about it would be for us to find ways to develop a two-way partnership rather than us providing all the benefits. I wasn’t sure how that would work and I would love some suggestions. He does think that our training opportunities and funding are in the true spirit of philanthropy.

That’s all folks,

Mark Wilson

4. Executive Assistant Report

5. Slate of Officers
  • Past President
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Program Director
  • Treasurer
  • Working Group Leader - Communications
  • Working Group Leader - Education
  • Working Group Leader - Public and Families
  • Working Group Leader - SOEEA Partners - Mark Wilson
  • Working Group Leader - Decision Makers - Jennifer Bayer

Other Business

1. (Kyle's/Mark's) website update?

2. Storage Unit
- keys/locks
- inventory list & sign-in/-out
- Can we see any issues??? (replacing, replenishing, adding)

3. Final Report - send Working Group reports to Karen

Working Group reports can be sent to Karen after the AGM. Karen will then contribute these to the final report. Due Date for reports is: December 11, 2009.

4. Leave No Trace trip in May
- May 27-31, 2009 Canoe Experience.
- Update from Karen? & others?
- location? (South Sask?)
- guide if needed? (Ed Doyle?)
- details? (travel, food, canoes needed)
- Planning Committee?

5. Update on CWF/SOEEA conference in May - planning with Lizabeth (dates?)
- chartered from Regina to Moose Jaw to Swift to Maple Creek to Cypress
- cabins & condos booked and camping available for free
- lots of outdoor stuff - West Block, vineyard, Fort Walsh, Old Man On His Back
- time for one session of Flying WILD (just an intro session I think)
- possibility of canoeing in free time (trained person such as Jo, Karen, or Jennifer has to be there)
- SOEEA will advertise on website and in newsletter and possibly help with facilitating and details on site

6. Update on EECOM Vancouver in May 2010
- Hosting Leadership Clinic -Who?
- Who is coming?
- Budget has $300 per person to attend if all want to go. Is that right?
- Who wants to present/co-present Flying WILD?
- presentation submitted to EECOM committee and request for longer or 2 part session - find out in Jan.
- Jennifer is the new contact for EECOM - I've been emailing Carlos Osmond @

7. Discuss hosting EECOM 2011 in SK
- need partners (people of interest &/or organisations)
- need conference coordinator
- location
- advertising
- committee of SOEEA and partner people to organize, host, liason, find presenters & keynotes

8. NAAEE in Buffalo-Niagara Conference
- Call for Presentations deadline Feb.1st
- Who wants to go?
- Funds to send people?