SOEEA Work Plan Tracking Sheet for 2010

Date updated: 19th Jan 2011, Person updating: Jo
Task and description
Date Due
Itemized actions
By whom
SOEEA Website
Designer Dillon continues to work on this. Waiting for resulting page.
Website committee - Kyle, Mark, Karen
Spring Issue
Envisage is a SOEEA cooperative activity - please contribute articles
  • Articles due - Feb 21st (Send to CPBW aka Paul)
  • Edit due - March 10th (CPWB & Scott M.)
  • Publish due - March 21st (Steve Biss)
  • Email PDF with message to members
  • Printing for members without email due -?
  • Postage due - ?

Communications to organize (and harass folks to get stuff in)
Scott M & Paul BW
Flying WILD conference
Conf dates
Feb. 5 - 8th
Dennie to attend and represent Saskatchewan and Canada!
Silent Auction item - Burrowing Owl sponsorship -
$50 from Ecofairs & Networking
March Winter Camp
March 12th noon
- 13th noon
mostly the same as Dec. 2010
Dennie & Mark
Dennie on food
GEOC conference
Nordegg, Alberta
Conf. dates
May 12-14th
Jo to see if she can attend
Peta is attending, possibly Jo
NAAEE conference
Raleigh, North Carolina
Conf dates
Oct 11 - 16th
Who will attend???
Peta is attending?
Melanson Award
May 1st?
Board to decide if we sill nominate 2 or just 1 person?
No nominations were given prior to AGM so we did not award one yet
Audrey, Yvette
Canoe Certification
May 21-23rd
Charles Paul Bazin Webster
Earth Day
April 22nd
Board to plan
Education and Public and Families working groups will coordinate
Education - Nicole / Dennie
Public & Families - Allie / Paul S
Wings Over Wascana
May 12th - 14th
WOW is an event we have been a part of for many years. Do we wish to continue?
  • Board to decide if we want to purchase a table at the banquet May 12
  • Education and Public & Families working groups
and/or a committee will work with WOW organizers to plan our participation
  • Everyone who can will participate on Saturday the 14th.
Education and/or Public and Families and/ or sub-committee