Agenda - April 29, 2013 - Executive meeting - Karen's house
(Audrey- Green)
(Jessica - Blue)
(angela -orange)
6:30pm- gather & catch up

7:00pm - meeting commences

President's Report
- checking in with working groups and events. Either one exec person to work with each working group or to work on each event to support it. New working group members and they need support/guidance. (I'd like to support the planning of the Nature Retreat, although I can't go that weekend... and/or the Unconference)
- Canoe Certification - please advertise to your networks! Lumsden Beach Camp?
- spring ecotour - advertise to families, the public & families working group has opted to postpone this ecotour until the fall, given the soggy spring conditions. They are moving forward with a beginner camper information night in June, and a women's canoe trip in late august.
- LNT - kyle
- WFA - kyle
- sent information to STF for an ad in Bulletin - WFA & LNT
- unconference - november - audrey and karen
-board retreat space - someone take lead? (did we schedule a date for this yet? If not, perhaps we should...) - kyle chk with paul - sept. 14
- nature retreat - lead? - audrey and ange

Vice President's Report

Past Presidents Report
  • Envisage Journal: grant application; create job ad (contract for "editor"); SERI possibility; make a plan... sub-committee choose a date to discuss.
  • EECOM proposal: with Ag in the Classroom, Little Green Thumbs; Other proposals?

Program Director Report

I would also like to help support the nature retreat planning. Great idea to continue film screenings.

Treasurer Report
I will have the financial report updated and ready tomorrow, I will then email it around for board approval.

GM Report
Cheques signed
Our constant contact account is running low. It says that we have prepaid in the past. Should we prepay again? $216 for 6 months, $408 for 12 months. Which account does this come out of?
Priorities moving forward: 1. Communications Working group with input form others, need to decide what changes we would like to make to the website, and what new content we want to included. Then GM can set up a time will web designer to make the changes. 2. Envisage sub-committee, there are some important "visioning" decision that need to be made before (or in conjunction with) contracting an editor. 3. New member attraction and current member retention, this is related to envisage - who do we want to be creating this content for, and how do we reach out to that audience?


  • To Make a Farm Screenings - continue? someone want to take on? (We could think about switching up the film choice at some point in the future, next year...? Maybe "Edible City" - open media, or?)
  • Melanson committee - advertise? This was in the last Envisage, we have received no nominations, I can advertise on facebook and twiiter, and send out a reminder email to members.
  • conference on sustainability education in Stoon - Good day!
    I’m writing to invite you to attend our symposium, Educating for Sustainability, to be held on 23 May 2013 at the Saskatoon Inn.
    Our symposium is an exciting day of activities related to sustainability education and community engagement.
    Dr Glenn Sutter, who has been active in nurturing the development of ecomuseums in the province, is delivering a session called Greenburg. In it, you’ll take on the role of a stakeholder in an imaginary community, and participate in creating a plan for building a more sustainable community. You’ll learn community engagement and sustainability planning skills, and see how this kind of roleplay approach can make sustainability education fun, engaging, and productive.
    In "Values: A Starting Point for Sustainability," a session led by museum educator Marni Gittleman, you'll explore the role values make in decision making and community engagement. You'll explore case studies, examine your own organization’s values, and engage in creative group activities, including storytelling and building with repurposed materials.
    The registration fee includes both workshop sessions, plus breakfast and lunch.
    More details are attached—please pass them along to anyone you think might be interested in attending. If you have any questions, write to me at this email address, or call 306-780-9241. I hope to see you there.
    Best wishes,


Dan Holbrow <>
PD Coordinator, Museums Association of Saskatchewan
306-780-9241 / toll-free 1-866-568-7386

SOEEA 2013 - at a glance

  • May - Wings Over Wascana, Canoe Certification in Saskatoon
  • June - Leave No Trace, EECOM
  • September 20th to 22nd - Wilderness First Aid
  • October 19th & 20th - Nature retreat
  • November 15th to 17th - SOEEA "Un-conference"
  • December 7th to 8th - Winter camp/festival