SOEEA Exec. Meeting Agenda
Tues., Sept 1, 2009

1. Updates:
Past President
  • Flying WILD Educator and Facilitator Training
We successfully training 21 educators and 14 facilitators. Certificates are on the way. Forms will be sent out along with a pdf of the facilitator handbook this week. Financial management of Flying WILD is being worked on with Tina.
  • SOEEA Conference
Flier for SOEEA, Registration form, and Conference flier (updated) will be emailed to all schools this week and updated information will be put on website. Who is doing this email? Website updates?? Plans and confirmations are coming along. What are we doing about name tags?? Should we BYO???
  • Display - new logo central panel - that gives up two displays if we ever want to split it.
  • New Board members (Mick, Mark, Janet Ng??)
  • Process for writing our 2010 Grant application - due 15th October. Working Group leaders need support to have prepared a written proposal with budget allocations to be presented and discussed at the September Board Meeting. We will need to read proposal prior to the meting - to have time for questions etc. Who is writing the grant application?
  • Board Induction process (meeting to be held later this week)
Vice President
  • Melanson Award nominations
  • Financial update
  • Final Report for 2008
  • Grant for 2010 - due 15th October with 2 year Budget
  • Audit arrangements