Full Board Meeting
Monday March 11
Karen's House - 25 Angus Cres.

Meet at 6:30pm - Skype at 7pm.

President's Report - Karen
- EECOM & NAAEE participation

Past President's Report - Audrey
- Envisage Journal Report (recommendations for next steps)
- offer for support for new board members
- Melanson award committee update
[note: I may need to miss the next exec. mtg (unless we can adjust the date to the following week) / change the host]

Vice President's Report - Dennie

Treasurer Report - Kyle
- financial statements
- investments

Program Director Report - Angela
- SPRA grant & changes

Communications Working Group Report - Charles Paul & Jeremy
- report from working group meeting
- Current Envisage through updates
- Facebook ads
- SK schools list
- shirts? Paul says no clue... will call OuterLimits tomorrow for update.

Education Working Group Report - Paul and Christine
- report from working group meeting
-WIlderness First Aid: waiting to hear back from Colin Frey for instructor and Ness Creek site for availability on Sept 20-22
-Canoe certification: CPBW has arranged for Bill Morris to instruct in Saskatoon, May 18-20 cpbw needs confirmation that the price is a go, to say go to Bill and have this thing officially be a go :)
-Leave No Trace: ?
WOW: ?
-Communicating with School Divisions: Does the Communications Group have email addresses for all the school divisions? Each division should have a Communications Officer, who will post SOEEA info (like grant info) to a weekly file to their schools.

Public and Families Working Group - Amanda and Andrea
- report from working group meeting

General Manager Report - Jess
- loppet final budget
- current Envisage e-newsletter
- NGO information day at the Legislature - SCIC event
- current membership
- EAP and OEE $upport sub-committee

Other (if you are going to cover any of these items in your report that's great - we just need to make sure they are discussed)

Wilderness First Aid - Colin Frey
Board Professional Development - amount per person
Board Retreat - Charles Paul update on venue?
Wings Over Wascana
Special initiatives from SPRA

Next meeting - (thanks jess for awesome chart!)
Monday, April 8
Executive / WG
Monday, May 13
Full Board
Sunday, June 9
Family Day + Executive Meeting & Full Board
Buffalo Pound
Monday, August 12
Full Board
Saturday, September 14
Board Visioning Retreat
Monday, October 7
Executive / WG
Monday, November 18
Full Board + year end financial discussion
Monday, December 16
Executive / WG

From last year, people we got to lead or teach programs:
Canoe certification - Charles Paul headed up the organizing, Bill Morris taught the course through Paddle Canada - contact:
213- 510 Saskatchewan Cr E, Saskatoon, SK S7N 4P9 306-249-4064 Cell: 306-222-4919 Email: wmorris@sasktel.net

Leave No Trace - coordinated through general manager, Vinessa Currie-Foster from Clearwater Canoeing organized, marketed, and ran the program last year - SOEEA just gave her the money to do that. They paid fees straight to her company. She provided final report. Email: clearwatercanoeing@sasktel.net

Wilderness First Aid - Paul Stinson headed up the organizing and coordinated the accommodations and meals. Colin Frey with Renewed by Nature/JT Consulting taught the Red Cross Wilderness First Aid course at Ness Creek (NessCore Adventures). Email: renewedbynature@sasktel.net (interested in doing this again)

Wings Over Wascana Nature Festival - Dennie/Karen organized who would volunteer to run workshops at Wings Over Wascana. Usually they email us to see if we are interested again, and one person on the board is the contact, go-to person for questions. Lizabeth also did a workshop building bird feeders as part of the day.

Unconference - new this year. Karen could help with the coordinating. Perhaps Vinessa Currie-Foster would be interested in working with this as well. (She is also Education Director through Nature Saskatchewan and has really good contacts). She mentioned she was interested.

Special Subject Council - New this year. Paul Stinson initiated idea. Perhaps Communications Working group would be well-suited to do work on setting this up and researching this as well?

Loppet - 2013 - done! Dennie and Jess organized much of this event including accommodations and meals and taking registrations.

Spring Ecotour - Lori Milligan and Dennie Fornwald (working group leaders) organized logistics for much of this. In the past we've done more active ecotours and less active ones with people even staying in motels and having presentations from different authors or photographers and eating meals at small town restaurants, etc.

Fall Nature Retreat - Ange Edmunds expressed lots of interest in this and thought Ness Creek would be a great place to do this type of event - Boreal Forest Learning Centre has done lots of this type of workshop before. Joseph Naytowhow, John Murray, and Leanne Kadyshuk are great people to be involved.

Winter EcoFest and Camping - Paul Stinson has mostly been involvled in this in the past. Mark Wilson has also offered support and volunteering time to lead some of this. Lori Milligan may also have support to offer.