Full Board Meeting Agenda – January 9th 2009

- Welcome to new members Audrey as Communications Working Group Leader and Mick as Education Working Group Leader
- New slate of officers – Thanks!
o Jennifer is out – any ideas for a Decision Makers leader?
- Reminders:
o EECOM 2010 Flying WILD presentation update (May 19-22)
o CWF conference in Cypress Hills (May 10-14)
o Leave No Trace Canoe Trip (May 28-31)
o NAAEE 2010 (Sept.29-Oct.2) call for presentations by Feb. 1st
- **note: Let’s make reports quick and have more of a discussion later about “the future of SOEEA for 2010”. Does that sound ok?
- President’s Report
- Treasurer’s Report
- Executive Assistant Report
- Reports from Working Groups
- EECOM 2011 Host Committee update: Jo, Peta, Kyle, & Audrey
- Leave No Trace Masters Training canoe trip update: Karen
- Winter Camping?
- Code for storage unit lock & sign-in/-out procedure
- Strategic Plan: review
- 5 year plan: review
- Future of SOEEA 2010: a discussion

Friends of Wascana Marsh AGM January 21st 7:30pm at the SaskTel Theatre in the Science Centre
EECOM online registration now open - $225 for members, $75 for students
Teacher training opportunity for Flying WILD in Northern Communities