Agenda - Exec Meeting Oct 27

Time: 5:00pm on Skype or at Peta's
Minutes recorded by ????
Attending: Jo, Peta, Karen, Kyle, and Janet
Regrets from Sara and Tina

1. President
Sara absent - nothing to report

2. Past President
- present accounts (budget) to Exec and approve (including all fixing)
- set up committe/Program Director to write Final Report to be approved by Board at AGM
- Kyle's offer to do archives ($600? am I right?) (and Flip camera stuff from conference?)
- Conference with CWF (Lizabeth) & Kids Conference???
- EECOM conference submission for presentations for 2010 and proposal for hosting EECOM in 2011

3. Vice President
- Reminder - RCE Nominations due Nov.12th (see email)
- Tickle Trunk bought - itemized inventory being made (includes Flip Camera but not Solar Oven)
- remember the possibility of spending our own money at any time - will discuss further at AGM
- work with Lizabeth Nicolls on conference and will meet with her soon
- storage for Tickle Trunk and other items - storage unit??
- reflect on grant-writing process for this year: how did it go?
- update on website - Peta? Kyle?
- Quick question - car-pooling to AGM? who filed for mileage? can we all go with him/her? should I claim mileage and take some people (can take 4 others)?

4. Treasurer
Welcome to Janet! : )
Full briefing on Treasurer jobs to follow (this week/weekend?)

5. Executive Assistant
Tina absent, budget has been updated and sent around to Exec.