Agenda for Full Board Meeting Tuesday 28th July.

Please notice that I have made a bit of a change to the Board Meeting Agenda. The agenda is divided into 2 main sections - Information Items and Discussion Items. Please put your items in the correct section. My hope is that this will help us to have the meeting happen in 1 hour. -Sara

Welcome (7pm)
Information Items (Just fyi, we will not talk about further. If you feel that your report/information belongs in this section feel free to move it up here.)

- First Nations Health and Science Camps - For the second year SOEEA and a few of our friends held a solar oven building workshop at the First Nations Health and Science Camps. Our only missing workshop helper was the sun... We built the ovens anyways and the leaders were planning on using them later in the week. Thanks to those who helped out (Sara organised the day, Peta attended, and Robb Taylor from Lumsden supported with his solar ovens).

- Regina Ecoliving Ecofair - For the 3rd year SOEEA set up the display and (wo)manned a booth at this Ecofair. Attendance may have been a bit low due to some windy weather but overall a great day to meet some new people and talk about SOEEA. A big thanks to those who (wo)manned the display during that day (Yvette, Peta, Karen, and Sara)

- COMMUNICATIONS. Our work with Mark has been excellent and the new display panels look amazing - they will be prominently displayed at the conference. In addition Mark has revamped our brochure - using the same "thought" work that we used in the last brochure design process and our revised mission/goals/etc. We have a new 3 fold brochure printed and ready to go. Mark has updated our logo and this has been used on all of our panels, brochure and we have printed more (revamped) stickers and magnets. They look great. Mark has also designed a flier for us to send out to all schools at the beginning of the year (cheaper and maybe more effective than the mail out). Mark has been great to work with and it is good to get this sorted out before the conference to put our "best face forward". Marks work cost us $200 (in addition to the panel work) and he is "on call" as our graphic designer - should we need him again!!

Discussion Items (Actual discussion or input needed)
President's report
- NAAEE conference attendance (and SOEEA Hamper)
- Recruitment "package/letter"
Vice President's report
Past President's report
- Board Induction (Peta hopes to plan a meeting for new and intersted board members to discuss your roles and answer questions. Book a date)
- Board Handbook (recently updated and on the wiki for comment)
- Don Waite is interested in joining the Board.
- Steve Biss is interested in joining the Board.
- Leave No Trace - we have left this for this year... we will plan dates asap for next year. Dean wil be presenting a workshop at the conference.
- NAAEE Affiliates Scholarship (sent in requesting $3000 for 4 people to attend).
Treasurer's report

  • Please see email with financial reports (Peta to offer report)
Working Group Leaders
  • Communications
  • Public and Families
  • Education Report
    • conference support through food arrangement and some advertising support
    • working on a 40th birthday special edition of a newsletter with past envisage articles
    • sent education articles to Kyle for Sept. envisage
    • started a facebook page for Education Working group with hopes to try and connect with more university students and teachers and have a way to advertise PD activities, conferences, etc.
    • went through pages on website with feedback/comments to be changed - sent to Sara
    • What do we want on Educator Corner of website? Just links? Envisage activities from the past? Direction here needed.
  • Decision Makers
Executive Assistant's report
General Business
  • Special Initiative change (Peta and Sara)
  • School Resource Guide and Workshop Development (Peta)
This is still in our grant and feels like too much for this year. Peta is going to offer a solution to getting this program completed.
  • Flying WILD (Peta)
Planning for the August events seems to be in place. Marc from CEE is coming up to Regina to run both events. He has asked for a SOEEA meeting (for the Board members present) on Friday evening. I suggested that maybe we would like to go out for dinner. Janet Ng from SBOIC and Jared Clarke from Wascana Authority have both agreed to offer the local perspective on birds - they both have an owl to bring with them... YAY (Owls will only be there on Friday). Please ask if you need details - and please send these details out to your networks. We have 10 people registered and this is pretty good. I did not mention the need for all folks to be current members of SOEEA - so I will have to do that in the confirmation info - I guess this is obvious if you are training to be a SOEEA Flying WILD Facilitator.
I have purchased enough books fr the year - 100 (as we agreed to in the MOU) - we need to pay $1,360.80 asap (do cheque)
Do we want to apply for a Correlations Grant (so that we can contract someone to write the links to the Saskatchewan Curriculum??
  • Conference Updates (Peta)
    • Advertising: Karen sent emails to SunWest school division, Horizon school division (including emails to all principals), Davidson school, Regina Public Schools, MJ Barrett and Janet McVitte (U of S), Garth Pickard (U of R). It is advertised on the PCAP website, and will be in the August PCAP newsletter. Peta is working on STF advertisement (please review).
The Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association is hosting a conference.
"Keepers of the Prairie" will be held at Camp Ester Seal, Lake Manitou, from the 25th - 27th September, 2009.
With the three themes being Education, Valuing Traditions, and Recreation, we will be sure to be actively engaged in the outdoors.
SOEEA turns 40 this year and will be hosting a celebration dinner and Black-footed Ferret Release Party at Danceland on the Saturday night.
See the website ( for more details and the registration form.
SOEEA offers schools opportunities to practice outdoor and environmental education with your students. Sometimes funding for a bus or for some supplies is required, or ideas about where you might want to go. The SOEEA $upport grants are designed to provide this help. Due on the 15th October, please see our website the application forms.
The SOEEA AGM is to be held on the 5th December, please see our website for more details.
    • Keynotes, have been confirmed. Glenn is happy to sing and talk for two hours Friday night. He will arrange the PA system (SOEEA will pay - $55 - do we want to keep this for the entire weekend (wil be more then)), he will also get $200 and Friday nights accom. He will likely bring his cd's and set up in the eco-fair. What do we offer Herman and Jacklyn?? I had been counting on all helpers (as in workshop and eco fair presenters being given a free registration and $50 for travel assistance).
    • The Board will also get free registration and travel assistance will be available as we are having a full board meeting on Sunday after the conference finishes.
    • Recreation plans will be confirmed by Jo. Wes Deptuch and the Yoga instructor are the only two coming just for this weekend - they will get free accommodation and $50 travel compensation.
    • Workshops (concurrent sessions) are coming together - please look to see if we have missed something important. Does someone want to take on coordinating this/these people need confirmation and support to make sure they are all fine. The presenters of workshops will get free registration.
    • Food is being managed by Karen. We are hoping to offer Morning and Afternoon tea ourselves, other wise it is the Manitou Beach Diner (and Sat night at Danceland).
  • Motion that SOEEA enters into the Prairie Conservation Action Plan Partnership to join 26 other organizations interested in conserving the native prairie of Saskatchewan. SOEEA will support the education that PCAP does, and vice versa. (Karen) More info at NOTE: There is no cost to join this partnership
Close (8pm)

Upcoming Dates
July 31st - Aug 2nd - SOEEA Ecotour
August 21 and 22 - Flying Wild Facilitator and Educator Training in Regina
September 25-27 - SOEEA Conference at Manitou Lake
October 7-10 NAAEE Conference in Portland, OR
December 5 - AGM (Lumsden)
any others???