Executive Meeting April 20th
Time: 6:30?
Location: Leah's & skype
Agenda started by Jo (black) *when you add stuff please change colour of text and indicate who's colour is who's like last time : )

  1. President - Strategic planning workshop???
    1. Peta has notes and ideas from NAAEE workshop
    2. Sharing of Documents with NAAEE
    3. Strategic Plan
    4. Policy Handbooks
      Board Handbooks
      Ethics Policies
      Conflict of Interest Policies
      Anything else that an affiliate might need for reference

  2. Vice President
  3. Past President
    • comment from Peta - keep the Ehrlo Sport Venture Library in mind for workshops, ecotours, events as a place to get equipment
  4. Exec Asssistant
    1. Envisage Costs - just for future reference, we have 18 people who receive the Envisage by mail, the Spring 2011 version cost $20.47 for 20 copies plus $19 for postage. So around $2 per person.
    2. SPRA
      1. Awards Program Nominations
      2. SPRA Board of Directors Nominations
      3. June Recreation and Park Month Initiative Grant
      4. Recreation Section Plan Final Report
      5. 2011 Saskatchewan Media Directory
    3. Pay and expenses for Leah
    4. Envisage Archives
    5. Membership drive - 28 new or renewals plus 3 referrals
    6. Custom Broker - First, it was definitely an error last time when the value was placed at $1. That won’t happen again. Also, FedEx will be sending me a form (Canada General Agency Agreement Form) that should solve this. It will be a permanent form on file for our shipments to SOEEA which will enable FedEx Express to act as our Canadian Customs Broker. This form will permit FedEx to execute Customs clearance on CEE’s behalf.
  5. Treasurer
    1. Cash flow projections
    2. Handling of Education programs funds
    3. GST (http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/gm/g500-4-8/g500-4-8-e.html)
  6. Program Director
  7. Business Plan

Unfinished Business:
Review minutes (at home before meeting)
anything to bring up? (likely!)

New Business:
Review $upport Applications

Decision Makers:
1. EECOM update - Audrey / Karen / Mark
  • SOEEA's participation at the event - EECOM
  • Melanson Award at Awards ceremony Friday night
  • Welcomes and introductions and stuff from SOEEA at large-group gathering times (Wed night, each morning, closing event Sat)
  • Who is all going on the ecotour/pre-conference field trip to Grasslands/Cypress?
  • Who can volunteer to set-up and take-down the Welcome Event?
  • Who is attending which days?
  • We need to recruit other volunteers and preferably some techie-minded ones who could switch off being tech support for presenters during the day.
  • Who can work registration booth and when? Sign-up sheet
  • Science Fair winners - e-mail from Peta "Hi there, Would you like to invite the SOEEA sponsored Enviro Award Science fair winners from across the province to show their stuff off at the Exhibit Hall/Community Fair at the EECOM Conference? I think this could be a great!!"

1. Wings Over Wascana - funding of Nature Journals? and this e-mail from Jared Clarke: The WOW public day committee is planning on having a display tent set up for like minded naturalist organizations to set up in and publicize their event during the festival. Other confirmed organizations include Nature Saskatchewan and Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan.
We are wondering if SOEEA would like to have a display set up? There is no cost to participate. We would ask you have people to man the table to give people more information on your organization, from 9:00am - 4:00pm on May 14th. You could sell memberships if you like and other wise hand out promotional material. Is this something SOEEA would be interested in?
2. ?

1. Growing UP WILD
  • Peta led a training session April 7th?
  • Were books paid for? Peta had offered to cover shipping and handling on this first order but we can't expect someone to cover that all the time...
  • Also, Peta had been left with about $90 that she said she would spend on creating a kit to go with GUW that would be left with SOEEA after.
  • For books we spent money from savings and can put it back into savings when we receive it. We'll need to remember to add this when we amend the grant.

    is that $831 including shipping and duty? Each book at $17 sounds reasonable.
    How about facilitator honorarium?
    certificate costs?
    What should we set a workshop price at?
    What did Peta charge for her workshop?
    questions in email from Kyle (March 22nd email)
  • Dennie and Peta are managers of this program? How else should it be managed - this should be written into the handbook.
  • comments when deciding to do this:
    • I just read the agreement I think that there are a couple questions we need to ask now. Who is going to do the yearly reports and be a contact person when Peta leaves this program? It also states that we are to have a "wide distribution" of the program. That sounds like a much larger commitment than we had originally thought.
    • Dennie is wondering if we should be ordering more books. There are 15 left. Dennie is leading a session at EECOM. We can either cap the session at 15 people or we need more books.

2. Flying WILD
  • Trained facilitators and educators at NORTEP (northern school divisions) so we're really "cross-province" now. = ) Many other workshop dates are listed on website.
  • update from Lizabeth via Jo/ Leah
  • curriculum links?
  • price of workshops: currently $15 just to cover the book. Here's a comment from Lizabeth to consider:
    • I also recommend that you raise Flying WILD to $20 since we now have workshops out of town and shipping, storage and handling needs to be added into the mix. That price does not allow for any facilitator fee, since I believe the ones done so far were as volunteers. The best route around that obstacle is to market to teacher education programs and train faculty as facilitators. Alternately, where there is an outside facilitator, the price is $25/person or the basic $200 plus $20 per person. In most cases, the programs that have small enrolments have faculty who are willing to deliver – like NORTEP. In the cases of the big universities, it is usually possible to get nearly 30 per group which will cover the facilitator fee. Some programs, like SUNTEP, have funding to help subsidize their students. For your consideration.
  • goals set by Dennie at the conference in Texas:
    • Host a facilitator retreat to re-invigorate experienced leaders and connect them with the newly trained facilitators. Set goals for “active” facilitation plus forms of feedback/data collection.
    • Target more non-formal/outside of school groups such as scouts, homeschoolers, charter schools, etc. Connect with and train leaders, and possibly facilitators
3. Project WET
  • Trained Ed students and Science Centre staff this month (March) many training workshops coming up
  • new price of workshops (was $30 or $35 with facilitator fee for introductory rate) - $45 we told Liz at the storage unit (Linda needed to know for her upcoming workshop)
    • As far as necessary info for the Board, we need to re-adjust the price for Project WET. I would suggest $40 per person where there is a Facilitator Fee until June and we can assess the situation then for the fall. Right now, we are falling behind on a cost recovery basis as sometimes the anticipated 20 aren’t showing up.
      The alternative is to charge a basic $200 fee for the workshop (possibly a booking fee) and then $30 per participant attending. That ensures that the Facilitator fee is recouped and that the shipping fees are covered as well as certificates, storage and handling of the books. Linda Dodd has a workshop scheduled for April 19th and she needs the fee amount to collect.

  • Karen had suggested to ask Sask Environment to help fund this program - who can ask them about this? Should we decide on a few notes to put into a letter to do this?
  • Lizabeth's application to the GoGreen fund should be decided by the time of this meeting - update from Jo/Lizabeth
  • How did World Water Day go? Update from Liz via Jo/Leah
  • curriculum links?
  • projected budget for programming FW and PW from Liz?
  • We need a document or section of the board handbook to list procedures and prices for GUW, FW and PW. How, who, and when can we do this?

Programs comment from Peta / email from Linda Dodd - see email titled "Fwd: Below Zero Certificates"
  • Peta thinks we could become more involved in promoting trainings at the U of R
    • What if you became the "broker" for all of these trainings that students and the faculty at the U of R (and maybe other institutions) want.
You could introduce yourself as that and I think things would roll on throughout the year.... at each training event you could advertise the possibilities of other trainings and see what comes of it.
I am not saying that we/you have to present each training - obviously we dont do that... but to be the go to place to sign up, and to register a training would be great. And this is a really valuable service for SOEEA to perform. Eventually people with resources might come to us fr listing as part of our repertoir/stable of options and possibilities.
This would keep Lizabeth (or someone in that kind of position) busy... or if that position fell through - maybe Leah could take it on as it could be a simple online registration.... I think if you called Lee-Ann from SPRA you might find a way to incorporate this kind of salary into the grant!!
  • Discussion: