Executive Meeting (much of this copied from June 16th agenda)
Date: Wednesday August 24 at 6:30pm
Leah is Purple

President's Report - Kyle
Programs Budget (WET, FW, GUP)
-$$$ for books, curriculum guides, etc???? - Leah will provide an update based on discussions with Lizabeth

October Retreat

From July minutes
  • new members: Also send Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics Guideline Tags or geo-caching coins (to be checked by Kyle) along with a SOEEA magnet & sticker.
  • form to fill out for our PD / a process to follow. i.e. Name, PD activity, expenses, total. Etc. Let’s ask Leah to make up a form for us &
    update the handbook. Some clarification given about what is deemed appropriate for PD (ie. Substitute teacher costs in order for Charles to support the Leave No Trace program for 2 days - money for CPBW should probably come from the program budget as he is a master educator)
  • Signing Authority
  • October Retreat - date, location, agenda (Leah will start another agenda page where we can gather ideas for discussion)
  • Budget Meeting - date, location, who (Education Programs, EECOM, Shirts)

Past President's Report - Jo

Treasurer Report - Mark

Program Director Report - Karen
- For the October Retreat, the weekend of the 21-23 works best for me. Nature Sask has a fall meeting in Cypress on the 7-9 that I am going to. 28-29th there is a SaskCulture meeting in Regina with an emphasis on youth engagement & online media so I was hoping to go to that for some ideas... WAIT, I guess we need our grant in by October 15, so does the FIRST weekend in October work for people?? (just looked at an email from Leah saying our grant is due Oct. 15). That would give me enough time to translate our plans into grant format...
-Budget meeting - I would like to meet for that before the retreat if possible so we get that out of the way and can use the retreat for thinking about the future plans. It could be a weekday...
- I should start writing final report soon to get done before our AGM. Will email working groups for updates on their reports.

Vice-President Report - Audrey - update on Colin Harris' run (Take Me Outside) & options for SOEEA supporting him.

Executive Assistant Report - Leah
-Review per diem and mileage rates (as per email update from Peta from U of R)??
-$upport - Paperless? Update on reports received
-Fall course
-Expenses and Salary paid
-Google Analytics
-EECOM - money and new members

Other Items
-Leave No Trace
-Growing Up Wild Pricing
-Saskatchewan Trails Membership Swap
-Learning for a Sustainable Future membership - Jo
-Strengthening Recreation Organizations Grant

-Community Initiatives Fund Physical Activity Grant Program - Next deadline is November 1, 2011