Education Working Group Planning Space

Responsibilities (from the Board handout)
• Develop, plan, coordinate, promote, and evaluate education activities for SOEEA members.
(can include but not limited to: WOW, LNT, Wilderness First Aid, Canoe certification, Snow Kite Training), winter camping)
• Work with the Communications Working Group to advertise opportunities available for members to attend professional development workshops, conferences, and other activities. (needs more attention; one way is to advertise in the STF Bulletin, another way is to contact each School Division Communications Officer)
• Coordinate and/or facilitate the events at the Biennial Conference. (not currently active)
• Prepare and/or facilitate articles for each edition of Envisage.
• Maintain the Education page on the SOEEA Website (needs more attention)
• Prepare and deliver an Education report for the AGM in December of each year.

2013 Working Group Leaders: Christine Mishra<> and Paul Stinson<>
Active Group Members: Jo Siemens<>, Jeff Moore <>

Total grant budget for 2013: $5400

Education Working Group meeting April 9, 2013
Meeting location:
Time: 8:30 pm
Items for discussion:
-First Aid Course: Ness Creek site is available. Colin Frey is available, but has requested a date change to Sept. 27-29 if possible. Any reason this can't be done? If so, need to put out call for interest asap!

Education Working Group meeting Feb 14, 2013
Meeting location: Chris’ house, Regina

Attended by: Paul and Chris. Regrets from Jo
This was an opportunity to talk about plans for 2013 (expected projects, other possible ideas, etc)

Paul’s Action Items
1-Canoe/kayak certification: CPBW is organizing this; details below
2-Wilderness First Aid (need to check Ness site and instructor for availability: Date: tentatively Sept. 20-22): BOTH THE SITE AND INSTRUCTOR ARE AVAIL.
Also check for interest, and then decide if going ahead or skip a year

3-how to engage/communicate better with school divisions: I have contacted the SWSD Communications Officer to request how to proceed within this division, and have a contact email. Now, how to get the similar contact info for EVERY division. Have emailed CPBW (Communications) to see if we have this already.

Chris’s Action Items
1-WOW: first main event coming up (May 10-11); WOW planning committee already gearing up; Chris looking more into this
2-check with own school division about best process for spreading SOEEA info

Jo’s Action Items
1-Jolene: birding (jr/sr); awesome idea, maybe easter break: what is the next step? Chris might be able to help out as well

-LNT: June 15-16; who organized this last year? Same location and instructor?
-ideas for working with teachers/outreach to teachers? Connecting more with teachers in schools, weekend activities?
-what’s up with the unconference idea?
-connecting with OE programs already happening. Eg. Trek School, information gathering about all OE schools (is someone already covering this by gathering about OE info in SK)

Ideas, projects and goals to consider for 2013
-continue to support existing programs based on interest and resources
-meet to discuss possible new initiatives/areas of focus
-look into how to better engage teachers through the school divisions (idea: having Communications person in each division provide SOEEA info via their weekly/monthly communications. For example, SWSD has a "Friday File". Or ask school divisions to recommend an OEE teacher that could best serve as a designated SOEEA contact. Maybe SOEEA needs to do a classroom contest of some sort to increase awareness and active membership
-add kite boarding skills (similar to support of canoe skills training)

Previous events and projects to continue to support
-Wings Over Wascana (WOW): see below
-Leave No Trace Master Educator Training
-Wilderness First Aid
-Canoe/kayak certification
-find and submit web links of appropriate resources for the "Teacher's Trunk" of the SOEEA website

Schedule of events and projects 2013

2013 Education-related Events
-Working Group Meeting: February 14 (Chris')
-Full Board: March 11 (Karen's)
-Working Group Meeting: April
- Wings Over Wascana: May 10/11, 2013 (contact/coordinator: _)
- Canoe Certification: May 18-20, 2013 (contact/coordinator: CPBW, instructor: Bill Morris, details below)
-Working Group Meeting: June
- Leave No Trace: June 15/16, 2013 (contact/coordinator: _), instructor: Vinessa, Clearwater Canoeing
-Working Group Meeting: August?
- Wilderness First Aid: September 20-22, 2013, Ness Creek site, instructor Colin Frey (not booked yet)

-Working Group Meeting: October
- Unconference: November 15-17, 2013 (role? promote and invite instructors/trainers/educators?)
- December – Winter camp/festival December 7, 2013 (pass on info to Public and Families Working group, or co-coordinate)


2013 Canoe Certification
Quote from instructor Bill Morris:
> 3 days of Paddle Canada Lake Skills instruction @ $270/day = $810
> 3 days of equipment rental @ 120/day = $360
> Paddle Canada registration and reporting = $90 >
Total = $1260

2013 Wilderness First Aid (based on 10 people)
-estimated instructor cost: $250/person + milage/meals/accom = $2500 + $500 + $200 = $3200
-estimated venue cost: $100 accom + $100 meals = $200/person = $2000, plus taxes
-estimated total costs: $5200
-estimated revenue: $3000 grant + $2500 registrations = $5500


=WILDERNESS FIRST AID =================

2012 Budget
Instructor $ 1,000
Books $ 800
Exec Asst. Time (3 hours) $ 60
Subtotal: $1,860
-BFLC accommodations and meals: $1510 (+$151 tx + $45 fee) = $1706
-J&T/Colin: $250x8=$2000, + .44x976 (Regina - Big River return) = $430
Total revenue: 8x285 = 2280 + 1800 = $4080
Total costs: $1706+$430 = $2136
End of project (based on 8 students): $1944

Boreal Forest Learning Centre - Here's a summary of costs:

Accommodation (based on 3 nights - Thursday, Friday, Saturday):
Large Cabin: $70 per night x 3 nights = 210
Small Cabin: $50 per night x 3 nights = $150
Canvas Cottages: $30 per night x 3 nights x 5 = $450 (There are 8 Canvas Cottages available)

$100 per person for 8 meals plus snacks, coffee, juice, etc = $700
(there will be no additional charge for those that come for Friday breakfast)

So we're looking at a total of $1510 (plus applicable taxes and Destination Marketing Fee of 3%).

Schedule (some people showed up Thursday evening)
Fri 9:00 -5:00 Fri with 1hr lunch, 2 breaks during
the day. Sat. 9:00- 5:00 1hr lunch 2 breaks. Sunday 9:00- between 12:00 and
3:00 All times subject to change due to weather and conditions.

- - -

(1) PLC Public Course: May 4-6, Register by April 12 (contact Christie: room for possibly 6 more people. (NOTE: was cancelled due to low enrolment)

(2) Working on co-sponsoring a course at the BFLC in September, 14th-16th. Colin Frey booked as instructor.
Gordon Olson is the contact person for BFLC []; call 227-9453 or BFLC at 469-2423
Date: September 14-16, 2012 (confirmed with Colin): 3 days, including 1 day outdoors, no pre-requisite course required

Group settings of minimum 6 or more is $250.00 per person for the course & materials only. Training is GST exempt.
The course cost does not cover travel, accommodation, meal expenses incurred by Colin (these costs will be in addition to the course costs) Travel expenses are $.44 per kilometer traveled.
Participants are required to cover their own expenses for travel, accommodation, meals.
Basically the course is 2 days indoor and one day outdoor.

Location: Ness Creek site (20 km NE of Big River). Accommodation - from cabins to canvas cottages - and will charge $50 per person per day for meals, snacks and accommodation (based on shared occupancy).


Organizer: Paul Stinson
Instructor: Colin Frey,
Date: December 22, 2012 (Should also have an info meeting in advance, maybe in Pense - November 30?)


-Show up morning of December 22 (at park cookshack, eco-centre, or Praxis)
-outdoor activities (survival, shelter building, geocaching, kiting?, meals)
-sleep outdoors
-breakfast the next morning
-wrap up or hang out

Colin does not have any canvas tents. He does have stoves pots etc. I
think anyone that is interested should be able to come, as long as we have
the indoor site for safety if they get cold or wet. They would have to be
prepared and able to at least spend most of the day outdoors but could sleep
inside if needed. Snow and temp will be the limiting factors, we can at
least show how a person would spend a night out preperation and such. Would
you have access to a bunch of 6 inch and under diameter logs and some
saplings 6-7 ft long and willow wands approx the same lenght? If it isn,t
too cold lots of tarps and wool blankets ( people can find these at surplus
and value village for cheap some times. If we are not hiking in too far
just lots of blankets and if they get too cold they can go inside.