Saskatoon Nature Society
Nature Saskatchewan

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
Native Plants of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan River Basin

Environmental Literacy Network
Environment Canada for Educators
World Without Oil - Virtual Game
EarthWeek: A Diary of the Planet

WWF - Schools For a Living Planet - Gr3-8 environment curriculum

GOEEC Alberta's Global, Outdoor & Environmental Educators Council

EEL - Environmentally Endangered Lands Program Educators Resources
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency - For educators
Links to

  • **Air** - acid rain, indoor air pollution, ozone, radon
  • **Conservation** - energy, environmental stewardship, natural resources, pollution prevention
  • **Ecosystems** - ecology, endangered species, global warming, habitats, watersheds
  • **Human Health** - drinking water, fish advisories, indoor air, lead, ozone depletion, pesticides, radon, smog
  • **In Your Neighborhood** - databases, local issues, maps
  • **Waste & Recycling** - garbage, household, hazardous & solid waste, landfills, superfund cleanups, trash
  • **Water**- drinking water, ecosystems, lakes, oceans, rivers, water pollution, watersheds

One Million Acts of Green - CBC
The Where Challenge - Earth Sciences Canada - Where does your stuff come from?


Farley Mowat
Richard Louv - Last Child in the woods