SOEEA Events - To Be Scheduled

June - EECOM Conference and Leave No Trace
September - Wilderness First Aid and Board Annual Planning
October - NAAEE Conference
November - Unconference/Speaker
December - winter camping/festival

Sask Eco Events

Regina Ecoliving Eco Fair
We Are Many
Campbell Collegiate Eco Fair
Craik Solar Fair
Ness Creek
SCIC Conference

January Tasks
  • New Board Members Induction (Kyle, Lori, Leah)
  • EECOM membership renewal
  • Prepare for Audit
  • Set conference remuneration for year
  • Choose Melanson Winners
  • Half of SPRA grant directly deposited into bank account
  • Modular Storage renewal

February Tasks
  • Meet with auditor (and pay)
  • Approve audit
  • Saskatchewan Science Fairs Awards

March Tasks
  • Complete SPRA Final Report
  • $upport Applications

April Tasks
  • Renew SPRA membership
  • Second half of grant deposited
  • Send financial documents to corporations

June Tasks
  • Corporations Branch Registrations

July Tasks
  • Board Recruitment Events/ Meeting
  • Grant ideas submitted by working group leaders to executive for next year's SPRA application

August Tasks
  • SCIC Membership renewal

September Tasks
  • Strategic Planning
  • Call for Melanson Award nominees
  • Web hosting renewal

October Tasks
  • SPRA Grant Due
  • Sask Eco Network Membership Renewal
  • $upport Applications

November Tasks
  • SPRA Membership renewal
  • NAAEE Membership renewal

December Tasks
  • AGM invitations
  • Insurance payment due
  • Leave No Trace membership renewal