Strategic Plan

From EECOM Leadership Clinic (Winnipeg, March 2009)
Confirmed at AGM May 23rd 2009

SOEEA - active participants in change

Vision of SOEEA

People of Saskatchewan are environmentally responsible, valuing diverse and interdependent systems, working together to learn and practice ecological sustainability and healthy living for all beings.

Mission of SOEEA

Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association (SOEEA) encourages educators and people who participate in outdoor recreation to practice and teach environmental responsibility.

Guiding Principles

The Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association (SOEEA) values the following as guiding principles:
1: Supporting education, public awareness, and training.
2: Valuing and coming to know our own place (Saskatchewan).
3: Environmental responsibility.
4: Working cooperatively and strategically.


1: Support educators to practice outdoor and environmental education.
2: Encourage outdoor recreation, exploration of Saskatchewan, development of outdoor and environmental skills and practices, and the development of a sense of place.
3: Actively connect diverse members, support environmental decision making, and encourage ecological responsibility.
4: Be a happy and healthy organization (leadership, communication, partnerships, networks, members, and membership benefits).